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Dental bonding restores the natural appearance and function of teeth by

  • Filling cavities in a cosmetically pleasing manner

  • Filling in gaps, chips and cracks in teeth

  • Lengthening teeth

  • Correcting misshapen teeth

  • Fixing discolored teeth



Dental bonding is a tooth colored filling composed of a soft white plastic substance that is hardened with a blue light. In addition to being used to fill cavities, dental bonding can be used to significantly improve your smile by making small cosmetic changes. Dr. Rezvani can use composite to fill in gaps, chips or cracks in your teeth.  He can also use it to lengthen teeth, correct misshapen teeth and improve discolored teeth. 
In the past, cavities could only be treated with unsightly metal fillings (known as amalgam fillings) that are alloys for silver and mercury. At Oakland Park Family Dental, we never use amalgam fillings and exclusively use dental bonding, which is a strong, safe and more natural looking alternative.


  1. Dr. Rezvani will select a shade of composite that matches your natural tooth color.

  2. Anesthesia may be required. When used to fill cavities, dental bonding typically requires anesthesia, but for all other uses, anesthesia is not usually required.

  3. If there was decay, Dr. Rezvani will remove the decay and then scrub the tooth with an antibacterial solution. This solution is an extra step Dr. Rezvani takes to ensure that no bacteria becomes trapped under the bonding. This reduces the chances of post-procedure sensitivity and of another cavity later developing beneath the bonding.

  4. Dr. Rezvani will then lightly etch the tooth surface and cover the etched surface with a bonding liquid, which helps the dental bonding adhere to the tooth.

  5. She will then apply the dental bonding over the bonding liquid and sculpt it into the desired shape.

  6. Dr. Rezvani will harden the bonding using a high speed curing light.

  7. Finally, she will shape and polish the hardened material until it matches the sheen and shape of your tooth surface.

  8. The procedure usually takes about 30-60 minutes per tooth.



Although dental bonding is quite strong, it is not as strong as natural teeth and thus is more likely to stain or chip than natural teeth. As a result, dental bonding may need to be replaced after several years.  How long your bonding lasts will depend on how you care for your teeth (we recommend brushing twice per day and flossing at least daily), but bonding typically lasts 3-10 years. If you are looking for a longer lasting solution to chipped/broken teeth or to fix multiple teeth, we believe porcelain veneers are the best treatment option.  

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